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Meet the Team

Akilah Harper

Akilah Harper

Head of Social Media

Akilah joined Angels in January 2019 and works across both our social media and account management departments. She has plenty of experience in this area having owned two businesses specialising in corporate social media management and marketing. All in all, she has more than seven years’ experience in the social media and marketing field and has in the past worked in Guyana, Germany and Fiji.

Akilah has a Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism Studies from the University of Guyana and is also a dab hand with a video camera. She won ‘Best Videography’ and ‘Best Handling of a difficult subject’ for her short film entitled ‘Beneath the Surface’ in 2018, receiving the award after completing a Digital Filmmaking Masterclass on how to shoot and edit videos on smartphones only.

Away from work, she is very fond of ballroom dancing, especially Cuban Salsa and Tango – and has even taught classes in both! She’s also a fan of food and anime, while her dream destination is an equal split between Santorini and Venice.