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Meet the Team

Kelly Petersen

Kelly Petersen

Senior Graphic Designer

Kelly joined the Angels Media team in June 2022, to fill the role of Senior Graphic Designer.

She started off her career by studying at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education and obtained a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

From there she ventured into various industries working as a Project Manager, then as a Senior Designer at Life Style Rooibos, as well as taking up a position as a Senior Designer at LIT Design Empire.

Not only does she have solid work experience, but she’s also broadened her scope to obtaining certifications in communications and public speaking. Her long-term plan is to continue along her creative path by becoming an Art Director.

There are a few things Kelly dislikes, such as untruthfulness, conflict and (hopefully like most), a dirty home.

On the other hand, she greatly enjoys fashion, along with clean and simple designs. She’s also a passionate team player, and she likes spending time with family, drinking coffee, and eating delicious al-dente pasta.