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Meet the Team

Lily Van Leer

Lily Van Leer

Support Manager (The ValPal Network)

Lily joined Angels in July 2018, taking on the role of Support Manager to The ValPal Network. She comes from an event sales background and was previously Delegate Executive for The World Architecture Festival.

When not in work, she enjoys painting, hiking and visiting the library, while her dream destination would be Mumbai or Sihanouville in Cambodia.

Her list of dislikes is somewhat longer than her list of likes. Things getting the seal of disapproval include loud chewing, people who sniff instead of blowing their noses, fruit and nut in confectionery, people who play their music without headphones, people who use Beats By Dre as everyday headphones and people who lick their finger before turning a page of a book. She also dislikes the cold and adults who ride scooters to work.

On the upside, she likes swimming and beer – although not at the same time, for obvious reasons!