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Meet the Team

Miné Lombard

Miné Lombard

PR and Content Executive

Miné joined our busy content and PR department at the end of March of 2022, with her role at Angels including writing compelling PR articles and conducting research on current property trends. She also helps out with the management of the Today sites, resizes images and works across various social media platforms.

She's well-suited for the role, having attended university and obtained a degree in Communication: Media & Journalism. She's also previously worked as both a copywriter and social media manager. As well as this, she has some training in graphic design and has been studying to become a personal trainer.

Her dream destination, if she could go anywhere, would be Mars (maybe not so far-fetched if Elon Musk and Richard Branson get their way!), but she'd also really like to visit the tropical paradise that is Bali.

She is a big fan of coffee, reading, being outdoors, music and her pet cat, but dislikes politics and underwhelming conversations.