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Friday 26th September 2014

Don’t ignore potential vendors and landlords – convert your website traffic

Finding new vendors and landlords is a perennial problem for many estate and letting agents and in this digital age, it may have got just that little bit harder.

Losing potential business is common for many agents who are unable to monitor who is visiting their website. These days, the majority of an agent’s website traffic will be made up of vendors and landlords (as opposed to tenants and buyers) and without any way of capturing their details, most will be slipping through the net.

An example to convey this problem is to imagine a scenario involving your senior negotiator sitting in the park eating their lunch and a couple coming and sitting next to them and talking about selling up and what local agent they are thinking of using.

In almost every case, your colleague would step in to this conversation and explain the benefits of your agency to the potential vendors. However, when it comes to the internet it is difficult to monitor and interact with potential clients who are thinking of using your services without some sort of conversion tool.

The Value My Property (VMP) tool, which originates from http://landing-page.angelsmedia.co.uk/vmp/, a consumer-facing website which generates 1200 potential vendor enquiries each month, sits on an agent’s website as an iframe and will instantly draw the attention of visiting landlords and vendors.

By offering potential clients something for free – a valuation of their property – in exchange for just their name, telephone number and email address, the Value My Property tool aids estate and letting agents in converting lost traffic into genuine leads.   

Drawing on a variety of reliable sources including 20 million sold price records and 18 million estate agency listing records; the VMP tool provides a relevant and accurate valuation.

Statistically, our research shows that for every 1,000 visits to the VMP tool on an agent’s site, 260 of these visitors convert into leads. So, an average conversion rate of 26%, with some agents recording 50% and even 70% conversion rates.

Essentially, the more traffic an agent gets to their website, the more successful the VMP tool will be for them.

Once a potential client has entered their contact details in exchange for a free valuation of their property, their details are sent directly to you, the agent, to follow up on and offer a ‘real valuation’.

As finding vendors and landlords becomes more difficult over the coming months, the VMP tool is a fantastic way to increase your stock levels.

We are also selling telephone qualified vendor and landlord leads generated from http://landing-page.angelsmedia.co.uk/vmp/.

To find out more about either service, please contact Angels Media on: 0845 075 0152.