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Monday 23rd January 2017

Five '5 Minute Fixes'

Your Social Media pages just aren’t working for you. People aren’t engaging with your content, the only new followers are spammers, and the only new messages you get are from well-meaning relatives. Something is wrong with your accounts but you just can’t put your finger on it. It may be that you’ve fallen behind on the times, and your profiles are in desperate need of some TLC. This doesn’t need to be a huge chore. Here are five 5 Minute Fixes to get your channels back up to scratch.


⦁ Images: Fashions change, and that stock image you downloaded five years ago for your Twitter profile picture may look dated. Or maybe you chose a portrait photo of your shopfront and it’s been stretched beyond recognition to fit into the landscape Google+ cover photo format. You wouldn’t want to introduce yourself to a potential customer with spinach in your teeth, so don’t present your Social Media profile with a pixelated cover photo. You can use your own, newer photos or find free stock images online.

⦁ Bio information: Make sure you’ve filled out all the boxes available in your various bios. Not only is this an opportunity to increase your SEO with lots of great keywords, it also looks more polished. Fill out everything you can, and show people how digitally savvy you are!

⦁ List building: If you haven’t been active on Social Media for a while, countless new accounts have been opened in that time. Following them not only gives you great content on your feed, it also draws their attention to you. Start by searching for your target audience if you’re B2C, or target businesses if you’re B2B. You can also follow companies in your industry which you may want to do business with. For example Estate Agents should be keeping up with Prop Tech companies, and cafes should follow popular food bloggers to keep up with trends.

⦁ List cleaning: This is a term used by Social Media professionals which roughly translates as “Why oh why is this business account following thirty different One Direction fan club accounts?” Go through the list of people you follow on Twitter/like on Facebook and give it a good spring cleaning.

⦁ Engagement: This is where the 10 minutes spent list building and cleaning comes to fruition. You’ve got some great content to engage with from the target audience and fellow industry experts, but it’s free of all the clutter you don’t want clogging up your feed. A few likes, retweets and comments will go a very long way.


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