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Tuesday 19th July 2022

How do you build trust within a brand?

The defining factor that separates an average brand from a successful one is trust. With this in mind, one of the most essential areas that should be focused on to increase longevity and loyalty between your brand and your clients is creating that innate sense of trust.

After all, clients are far more likely to do business with and invest in companies whose brand they believe is reliable and trustworthy.

Here at Angels, we discuss why building trust within a brand is so important and how this can be done effectively.

Building trust is essential to succeed

Brand trust can make or break any business opportunity. Lack of it can cause clients to head to competitors elsewhere while a high level can draw them closer to your brand.

Nowadays, particularly since the pandemic, consumer demands and values have changed. Technology and online platforms have made information about practices within corporations more visible and easier to uncover.

People are keen to work with and purchase from those who add value and have moral practices. Brands that can prove they are trustworthy are more likely to retain and attract a loyal audience which regularly interacts with and purchases from the brand.

On an even deeper level, a trustworthy brand is more likely to have loyal customers who actively choose to recommend the brand or their positive experience to other prospective clients, potentially enabling you to grow your business further.

Reviews and testimonials

When a prospective client discovers a product or service from a brand that they know nothing about, the first thing they will often do before they commit is search for more information.

This searching process could involve looking at other people’s perceptions of the brand through the form of reviews, word of mouth, or on forums.

Brands who make this information easily available help to showcase a track record of success and this positive representation of the brand helps to instil trust more easily.

According to BrightLocal, consumers read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business.

We have found that by having social proof that is easy to access such as customer reviews and testimonials, trust can be established. After all, what is more reliable and relatable than a fellow customer?

Often overlooked, the company profiles on websites and social media are also one of the first things looked at by prospective clients.

Content crucial to building trust

Content is a great avenue to build trust and paint yourself and your brand as an authority on a given subject. Trust can also be built through engagement, through entertaining, educating and informing your audience. You become the trusted go-to authority and that is fantastic from a brand recognition and brand reputation point of view.

Here at Angels Media, we are fortunate to operate some of the UK’s leading property trade publications, and have a number of avenues – including Features, Special Features and Guides & Tips – whereby clients can build trust and authority for their brand within the industry. This typically needs to be educational or interesting content, keeping readers informed and positioning your brands as industry experts.

The reputation of being skilled in a field that is of interest to readers can help to build trust in the content you provide as well as the service you have to offer, too.

One of the most recent additions to our Today websites is the Guides & Tips section. This section provides educational content pieces on legislation changes and important topics surrounding the property industry - the type of content that helps to achieve trust among readers.

Do not be afraid to make the achievements and strengths of your brand a key part of your identity, but it’s also important not to be boastful or too promotional. People will turn away if you are constantly telling them how great you are. Allow them to find this out for themselves by positioning yourself as an authority in the industry. 

At Angels, we can help you to build up the trust your brand has and showcase it in the best possible light.

If you want to begin building trust within your brand through campaigns that are proven to generate excellent results, just email us at lee@angelsmedia.co.uk or call us on 020 663 4989 and we’ll work together to get it right.