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Wednesday 18th May 2022

How to deal with cold traffic

Depending on the type of traffic a business receives, you can devise your marketing campaign accordingly. Knowledge of the different types of traffic can improve the overall success of the campaign.

The type of traffic that will be focused on in this blog is cold traffic. Cold traffic refers to people who have never heard from you before. This means that trust has not been established yet and they are unfamiliar with your business as well as the services that you offer.

Here we share how to deal with cold traffic and reveal which tools and channels should be used throughout this process.

Where does cold traffic sit in the marketing funnel?

In marketing, the concept of traffic temperature is used to describe the type of audience that interact with your business and the stage of the journey they are at.

At the top of the funnel lies cold traffic, this is also known as TOFU. The aim is to get visitors to the bottom of the funnel, as the lower they get the warmer they are and the closer they are to purchasing.

During different stages of the journey, different strategies need to get applied as these will have a direct impact on how leads behave.

The customer journey starts at the awareness stage. At this point, although they might not realise it, they have a problem or challenge that they hope to identify.

To deal with the cold traffic a business must implement a specific strategy that caters to them. By educating the audience through free content, tips, and tools, you can actively help them to familiarise themselves with your business.

Taking this action with cold traffic helps them gain a deeper understanding as well as build confidence with the business.

Tools to convert cold traffic during the prospect journey

Although many visitors start as cold traffic, the great news is there are various tools that businesses can use to convert cold traffic into warm and hot traffic.

Lead magnets play an important role during this process. Everything you need to know about how to create a successful lead magnet can be read here.

At various stages of the funnel, lead magnets can be used to get as many people interested in what you have to offer as possible. 

We have found that at this stage the most successful lead magnets are the easiest to consume, promote the business, are free and they provide insightful information.

White papers, newsletters, PDFs, and e-books are some of the best lead magnets to convert cold traffic as they deliver in-depth information that can inform visitors in exchange for an email address. 

By making use of some of these tools, you can help shift visitors from initially being unaware of your business to prospective customers who are considering making a purchase.

The best channels to convert cold traffic

When it comes to converting cold traffic in a way that generates positive results, some channels stand out more than others. Knowledge of these channels can guarantee that this is done effectively.

The best channels to convert cold traffic to warm/hot traffic include email marketing, lead generation campaigns, sponsored content, social media (organic and advertising), and features.

Lead magnets can be successfully used in each of these channels with the right strategy devised by an experienced marketing team.

Our marketing specialists at Angels Media recognise that you need to build a relationship with your customer before you can ask for a commitment. We specialise in the property industry and can help devise effective email marketing campaigns.

These will help convert prospects into clients as they go through the journey to the bottom of the funnel. Once this process is complete, we will also be happy to assist with increasing loyalty and retention.

If you would like to start converting your traffic and grow your business, the Angels Media team will be happy to help you!

Just email us at lee@angelsmedia.co.uk or call us on 020 663 4989 and we’ll work together to devise the right campaign for you.