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Wednesday 2nd February 2022

The importance of A/B testing - why is it so vital?

A/B testing brings you more business. Fact! At Angels Media, we can run A/B testing on your emails, banners and landing pages to ensure optimisation of your advertising spend... Read more >>

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

The keys to creating a successful lead magnet

If you’re creating a lead magnet to include in your marketing strategy, or you’ve never created one, but you want to start offering them to your audience, here you’ll find four key points that you should consider in order to create successful, irresistible content that your audience will want and that will download in exchange for the data you need to collect from them... Read more >>

Thursday 11th November 2021

Put those size 10s on and read why you should use public relations?

I wanted to take this opportunity to write an advice piece and share with you the single most important aspect of PR and what we here at Angels Media have found important when planning public relations (PR) activity in the property trade media... Read more >>