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Thursday 1st December 2016

Link Building Tips for Local Businesses

Local SEO is shaping up to be a great way for small businesses to market their products and services. It is now possible for businesses to target a very specific, location-based audience through SEO and other internet marketing instruments. Aside from the usual strategies, such as setting up a Google Business Page, there are ways to fine-tune your SEO campaign for even more specific reach.

Link building is one of the instruments you can use to sharpen your local SEO strategy. There are several simple tips you can apply in order to promote your business to a local audience through this method.

Get Involved in Local Activities

Does your city host festivals or unique events? One of the best ways to generate a lot of relevant backlinks is by getting involved in these events. This may not be a conventional approach to link building, but it is an effective approach nonetheless.

You can start by writing about local festivals and events. Provide a link to the events’ websites and you will be well on your way to building relationships with the organizers. You may even get a couple of backlinks in return.

Another thing to consider is sponsoring the events that match your business nicely. When you appear as a sponsor, the chances of getting backlinks from high authority sites – such as local news websites and mainstream media – are higher. The main website of the event you’re sponsoring will also link back to your site.

Local Activations

Social media is a great platform to build relationships and gain backlinks. While there are plenty of campaigns you can try to target a local audience, local activation is definitely the most effective approach. You can start by hosting a special promotional offer. In order for customers to qualify for the offer, ask them to post something about the business on social media.

Don’t just stop there either. You can help promote the local community and get a lot of relevant backlinks by adding context to the campaign. For example, you can offer customers a free cup of coffee when they volunteer in a local movement. Ask them to post about the activity on social media to get the reward.

Work with Other Business Owners

It is not difficult to find other local businesses that are also trying to widen their reach on the search engines. Through careful planning, you can work together with local business owners in promoting not only the businesses but also the area in general.

There are even more ways to gain insight on the best way to collaborate – and the best businesses to engage. You can use the professional services provided by companies like clickintelligence.co.uk to garner more information and data as well as formulate the right campaign based on the market.

A carefully planned campaign is all you need. Once you start generating relevant backlinks and maintaining strong relationships with the community and local businesses, you will start seeing a nice boost to your site’s local SEO performance. You can even build a stronger online presence along the way.