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Friday 25th August 2017

Top Five Facebook Ads Tips For Estate Agents

A client called asking for advice on his Facebook advertising campaign. He'd thrown almost £100 budget at it, resulting in just one lead.

This is an all-too-common problem among agents, setting huge budgets to run on Facebook ads and hoping something will stick. Facebook offers better demographics and targeting than even the likes of Google and it is a highly powerful and effective tool when used correctly.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start your budget low

If you throw money at a Facebook ad without properly testing demographics, audiences, targeting options and ad copy, you're unlikely to see very good results. Always start low and increase when you've tried and tested.

2. Don't be too specific

The targeting options in Facebook are great, but going overboard can mean your ad is actually shown to less people, harming your chances of gaining conversions.

3. Facebook Pixel

If you’ve never heard of a Facebook Pixel, you’re missing out! It’s a little piece of code that you put on your website to track actions and goals. It’s really handy if you’re hoping to achieve a goal such as asking people to fill in your ValPal form. Facebook will then show your ad to relevant people more likely to fill out the form and you will be charged once they convert, leaving you with much more valuable results.

4. Keep your ad copy short and sweet

An eye-catching headline representing an offer of “something for nothing” should be enough to entice your audience to click your ad. Having too much content or being too self-promotional will not convert well on social media, due to the fast paced nature. You need to grab the attention of people within 3 seconds with a striking image and tagline that makes them stop scrolling past.

5. Create a drip campaign

Always be aware of your user journey when setting up Facebook ads. Who are you targeting? Will they have heard of you? What will make them want to click your ad? In a perfect world, you should have multiple ads running with various goals specifically aimed at the audience you’re targeting, to ensure you touch base with the right people at the right time.


If you’re struggling to see conversions and would like more information on how Angels Media could help boost your Facebook ad campaign, email our Head of Marketing: steph.rady@angelsmedia.co.uk