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Monday 7th October 2013

Web Design at Angels Media

It is now essential for every business to have an attractive and fully functioning website. We talked to our Head of Design, Dan Montgomery for his views on what are they key elements to a good website, and how we go about the process here at Angels Media.

On Branding:

“Branding is a fundamental element of all the work we do in the design team, as it is a way to instantly represent a company to an audience efficiently, showcasing their chosen tone of voice.

A good brand that leads to a strong design should be well thought out with every idea and concept processed and assessed thoroughly.

At Angels, our branding is ongoing – we are trying to get to the core of what our branding is, what we want to give to our clients.

I enjoy brands that allow their audience to forge an allegiance to them, like Apple and Microsoft. I especially like the Innocent Drinks brand, as they seem to have found the perfect tone of voice for their consumers.”

On the Design Process:

“We aim to give clients a concept and then hone it down to what is achievable and most effective. It can be difficult to find a balance between your ideas as a designer and what the client really wants, but with regular contact and a strong relationship, we feel we can produce a design that both parties are proud of.

An important aspect of a good design is the colour and typeface of the text. These contribute to the unique identity of a business and reinforce a coherent approach throughout the whole website.

Furthermore, the relationship between the content and the design is influential to the overall quality of a website. Coordinating good quality content with branding can sometimes be difficult but it is worth the extra effort. No matter how good it looks, if the content doesn’t reflect the visualisation of the branding it doesn’t work as effectively as it could.

An interesting development over the last three years is the consideration of responsive design, it has been demanding but we have adapted well and it is extremely satisfying when it works seamlessly.”

To find out about the Angels Media web design service, please give us a call on 0845 075 0152 or visit our website: http://www.angelsmedia.co.uk/.