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Tuesday 14th June 2022

What’s omnichannel marketing and how can it benefit your campaigns?

Omnichannel marketing involves a business providing prospective or existing customers with access to their services and support on a range of devices and platforms.

Omnichannel marketing approaches are consistent because they make the customer’s experience an integrated one. Depending on the customer’s interaction with the brand, the overall message adapts through a variation of interconnected streams. 

At Angels Media we have found that omnichannel marketing can help improve the prospects of any business. It also works particularly well for upselling and cross-selling. Here we explain how this can benefit your campaigns.

Why is omnichannel marketing so important?

Businesses that understand the importance of omnichannel marketing are likely to be one step ahead of their competitors.

This type of marketing places business prospects and customers at the forefront of their marketing and it is an excellent way to create an impactful relationship with customers.

According to statistics, companies that utilise omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, whereas customers with a poor omnichannel only retain 33%.

What stands out about omnichannel marketing is it focuses on continuous interactions with customers. This is made possible by having an awareness of their requirements from the business as well as their behaviour.

Knowledge of this is then used to adapt messages and visuals in a way that caters to the customer’s personal needs. 

As opposed to a generic response that is likely to get overlooked, relevant and personalised messages through omnichannel marketing are likely to cause them to respond and purchase more.

For example, when browsing a website and adding a product or service to their cart, a customer could receive a cart abandonment email.  

An example that could illustrate the importance of an integrated omnichannel strategy in the property industry could be as follows:

Let’s say you are a supplier for agents. You have an amazing SEO strategy, and you have also included Google Ads every few weeks or months. The agent finds you on Google and goes to your site, where you will offer them to sign up to your newsletter or download your exclusive app for exclusive memberships, offers or discounts.

Once they sign up or download the app, they’ll receive a welcome message where they’ll find a code for an exclusive discount that they can use if they buy your product or service. But the one that has won here is you: you have your lead’s details now!

As a result, you can now nurture your lead with targeted email campaigns, social media ads, but don’t forget to continuously offer useful content to establish a relationship based on trust and so that you are seen as an authority in the industry. You can also use surveys to ask them directly about their needs or concerns, which will give you some priceless information about them that you can use to improve your product or service – which is, of course, your brand.

Once they become clients, the journey doesn’t stop. You can always use post-purchase strategies that will guarantee a long-term and happy client, and our customer care team will be able to offer exclusive offers/promotions to upsell/cross-sell through email, apps, or other convenient channels.

A good combination could be the key to success

Depending on the business’s position and target market, the type of channels that should be used can alter. 

The combination of channels and strategies will always depend on the campaign objectives. Strategies are endless but a good combination could be the key to success.

Omnichannel marketing is accessible across a range of devices and platforms that all work well together. They should create a structured strategy with consistent messaging and visuals.

By getting an experienced marketing team to take care of this for your business, you can ensure that your brand is presented the same way from platform to platform.

At Angels Media we can provide a campaign across banner advertising and email marketing across Today sites, combined with some sponsored content, features, and video interviews that have also proven to be a success among clients.

PR and a Facebook retargeting campaign could also help to achieve the campaign objectives our clients are looking for.

Get clear recommendations on where to begin by getting in contact with the Angels Media team today!

Just email us at lee@angelsmedia.co.uk or call us on 020 663 4989 and we’ll work together to devise the right campaign for you.