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Wednesday 29th June 2022

Why should you use content marketing in your marketing strategy?

Content marketing involves creating content, making it available to a target audience, and relying on this to market the product or service you offer.

Good content should educate, inform, entertain and enlighten. It should be punchy, clear, concise, authoritative and, where possible, linked to topical events.

According to SEMRush, 97% of businesses include content marketing in their overall marketing strategy, while HubSpot report that around 82% of marketers actively use content marketing. 

Content marketing remains one of the most popular forms of digital marketing, precisely because content offers a great opportunity to boost brand awareness, brand reputation and authority, and generates leads, too.

The most successful businesses, both big or small, know the best platforms to use the types of content that will resonate well with customers to set themselves apart.

Here, we explain why you should use content marketing in your marketing strategy by sharing some of the many advantages businesses can benefit from when getting their content right.

Build trust and educate

Content marketing is an excellent way to educate customers about the product or service that you offer, whether you are a supplier to the property industry or an agent. In addition, it can help to give them a better understanding of the industry you specialise in and position yourself as an expert in that sector.

The key is to be consistent and have a clear brand identity before creating this so that audiences can easily know what you are offering them. The more the customer understands the business, the more likely they are to trust them.

Prospective and existing customers are eager to find out more about a company or learn something new and content marketing gives businesses the opportunity to provide this.

At Angels Media, we have found that content which is easy to digest, free and informative is more likely to build trust with customers and educate them.

Increase brand awareness

Different types of content marketing include, but are not limited, to online blogs, video content, online guides and brochures, email newsletters, lead magnets, and infographics. Some agents and suppliers will also still opt for traditional marketing such as flyers, physical brochures and newspaper advertising, although this is becoming rarer.

Professionally compiled content can generate interest by attracting new audiences to your company. It can also help to retain existing customers through engaging content as they will see you as a go-to, trusted resource and want to find out more about various topics.

Content can be published in different formats, but it should always be easy on the eye, engaging, impactful and to the point. It shouldn’t talk down or patronise the reader, but educate, inform or offer an interesting spin on a topical news story. For agents, writing a blog on the latest bit of legislation or the latest Housing Minister could bring new readers to your website. For suppliers, offering expert tips on the field in which you specialise can help you to build a name for yourself.

Content marketing is an excellent way to increase brand awareness as it allows businesses to share valuable information about their company. Effective content shows customers what your brand represents and is therefore invaluable and should be part of any marketing strategy.

Reach new audiences, increase traffic and generate leads

By engaging in content marketing, you are opening yourself up to a plethora of business opportunities.

People are constantly seeking the answer to questions and looking for new information to stay up to date with new industry trends and they rely on content as the solution.

According to Demand Metric, content marketing is not only 62% cheaper than traditional marketing but it generates three times as many leads

Focusing on content marketing also helps reach those who do not consume traditional advertising. 

Content that has good search engine optimisation (SEO) is granted to attract a good stream of traffic. It can also improve your website’s search ranking.

How Angels Media can help 

With an experienced digital marketing agency by your side, you can easily establish which type of content best suits the business and your target audience. 

A tailored content strategy combined with well-written content is a recipe for success.

Content marketing can be used alongside other marketing tactics that we offer including social media, SEO, and public relations.

If you’re looking to engage potential clients through content, we can devise engaging campaigns that are guaranteed to reap benefits.

Our in-house property journalists and content writers create bespoke content for a range of property industry clients. Any type of content, from blogs and newsletter articles to area guides and website copy, can be provided to suit your marketing strategy.

If you would like to make your content successful and get more exposure but you’re unsure about where or how to start, the Angels Media team will be happy to help you!

Just email us at lee@angelsmedia.co.uk or call us on 020 663 4989 and we’ll work together to devise the right campaign for you.