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Thursday 16th February 2017

Q&A: Social Media for The Property Industry in 2017


2016 was a big year for social media. With live video and virtual reality becoming more significant elements, and brand awareness exploding across multiple platforms, 2017 looks set to be even bigger.


But what does this mean for property? We have the answers to a few of the most burning questions about social media for our industry...


Q. Should I be investing in live video?

  1. Video is quickly overtaking as the most popular format online, but it’s not all giddy teens streaming Justin Bieber concerts. With free tools like Facebook Live, it’s really just a question of investing time. You could do a Q & A session with one of your mortgage experts explaining how they work for first-time buyers. Several agents have already seen success from using Facebook Live to stream tours of properties for their followers.


Q. Should I be introducing 3D and virtual reality to my social media?

  1. People want to see what their potential future home will look like. This is a no brainer. Many agents are already seeing great success with 3D and virtual reality. Facebook’s 360° images and videos prove the popularity of this innovation. The interactive element is still so new, and so cool that people simply can’t resist investigating. Will the novelty wear off? Possibly. But only because by then 3D imaging will be so commonplace you’ll be left behind if you haven’t invested in it. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend looking into Matterport.


Q. Why is SEO so important? How does social media make a difference?

  1. Search Engine Optimisation has always been the end game. When people in your area search for a business like yours, you want your website to be the one that they click on. Google has changed it’s algorithm to prioritise websites that are optimised for mobile and tablets, so if you’ve had the same website since 2007 that should be your top priority for 2017. The Property Jungle creates websites which are fully optimised for mobile and tablet, which is vital in 2017’s online world. You can find out whether you need a new website or not with Google’s Test My Site tool.


Social media helps to boost SEO as Google’s algorithm will index that you have an active social presence. If you have fully optimised social media accounts, Google will notice that people have a good experience when they come to your channels. They’re greeted with relevant, frequently updated information, can see exactly what it is that you do, and have all your contact details on hand. In very basic terms, Google notes that you provide a good experience for their users and boosts your online presence higher in its search results.


Q. Do I really need to be on Google+?

  1. Yes and no. Unlike the USA, the UK hasn’t embraced Google+ as a social media platform. Which means that no one is liking, commenting or sharing content. However being on Google+ means that you can set up your Google My Business account, which is absolutely vital! It indexes you as a verified business and boosts your SEO. Keeping your Google account regularly updated with relevant images and information goes a long way.


Q. Is content marketing on social media still relevant?

  1. Yes of course! The internet is absolutely inundated with content, and sometimes it’s easy to feel like a drop in the ocean, but this is where social media comes in handy. With Facebook ads and carefully optimised landing pages, your content can reach your target audience easily. All you need is strategy and careful planning. If you provide helpful information to your potential customers, you’ve got a running start on building a relationship with them and ensuring a sale.


Q. Should I be on Snapchat?

  1. Short answer? Probably not. Snapchat has a significantly younger demographic, and while brands like McDonalds, ASOS and Primark have all found success with the platform, they already have a very vocal, active, and youthful following. While this may change in the future, there are more appropriate channels to invest your time and money into. People do want to talk to their estate agent via various social media platforms, but Snapchat is just not one of them.


Q. Should I be on Instagram?

  1. Instagram is best suited for B2C content rather than B2B, so it’s definitely better for estate and letting agents than suppliers. Instagram is by nature highly visual, and best used for images of fantastic properties or the local area. National and online estate agents like Tepilo are an excellent example of how the property industry can use the platform. A traditional agent based in only one or only a small handful of locations could benefit from a content plan which includes particularly attractive properties, quirky features of the local area, and in-office events.


Got any burning questions about Social Media? Looking to boost your own Social Media presence? Check out our full list of packages and services: https://www.angelsmedia.co.uk/content-and-social-media