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Meet the Team

Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell

Head of PR

Joining the Angels Media team on September 5 2022, Peter has stepped into the role of Head of PR with an impressive background. He studied at the University of Manchester where he read politics and modern history – however, he decided to switch to journalism after two years.

And his previous work experience? To say the least, it is quite extensive! He started in print journalism and worked for regional evening papers before moving to London and becoming a freelancer. Peter got his first job in TV as a current affairs researcher for LWT, then moved back North to Tyne Tees Television where he produced documentaries and studio-based politics shows.

Following that, Peter moved up the management ladder and ended up in the boardroom as Director of Programmes before moving across to the independent sector as Managing Director of Zenith North. Since then, he’s worked in comms and PR for a number of charities, written a bunch of audio dramas, a couple of stage plays and a novel.

Additionally, in 2010, he went back to college and obtained a teaching diploma.

Peter has already reached his dream destination, which is his home in rural Northumberland where he enjoys spending time with his family, including George, the dog. He’s also an avid sports supporter, but particularly Newcastle United, and of course he loves to write.

Peter is, however, not a big fan of intolerance and avocados.