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Facebook Ad


             Facebook ads are one of the cheapest and most

             effective methods of online advertising available. You
             can target ads to people in your area, using a variety of

             demographics, interests and objectives. With Facebook’s

             sophisticated algorithm, your campaigns will be learning

             who best to target and at what time of day to make them

             complete the desired action, whether that’s downloading

             a brochure or filling in your ValPal tool. The Facebook

             pixel is also a vital tool in a marketer’s armoury to ensure
             everything they do is trackable, as well as giving the

             option to retarget people who say visit your seller’s page

             with a follow up advert.

             There really is no excuse for not utilising Facebook’s

             platform, which is why we’ve partnered with Paul Long to

             be able to offer members 3 options of service, whether

             you have the time to join the training course and learn

             how to run ads effectively on your own time, if you need
             some one-on-one training to show you the ropes, or if

             you just want the ads taken care of for you, we’re certain

             you’ll find an option suitable for your business.

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