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Features and Benefits

                                    Monitoring                                                                                                             Extra Branches

                                    We will receive notifications when anything happens on your accounts. We’ll                                            We will look after extra branches for you, monitoring the inbox, deleting spam,
                                    handle incoming messages, send you new reviews, and send you monthly                                                   reporting complaints, and sharing the posts from your campaign. We can also

                                    stats reports so you know exactly how your campaign is going.                                                          post any branch specific updates and events, to make sure your local community
                                                                                                                                                           hears your latest news.

                                    Content Posting                                                                                                        List Building

                                    You’ll have a member of our team posting to your account every working day,                                            We’ll make sure that your campaign is being seen by the right people. Your
                                    and weekend posts can be arranged for special events or promotions. All posts                                          Twitter following list will be cleaned of irrelevant accounts. Relevant news
                                    will be tailored to your brand, and may feature relevant news articles, customer                                       sources, local tastemakers, consumer groups, complementary companies, and

                                    reviews, highlights from your website and personal messages to your audience.                                          potential customers will all be added to your following list, with a 20% estimated
                                                                                                                                                           follow back rate.

                                    Engagement: Likes & Retweets                                                                                           Blogs

                                    We will strive for and monitor engagement across all platforms, starting                                               No one is interested in the hard sell. Blogs are a chance to share what you know
                                    conversations with potential clients and pass over any leads generated.                                                and create a positive image of your business on people’s social timelines. If you’ve
                                                                                                                                                           already been useful to them, they’re much more likely to get in touch. We can

                                                                                                                                                           provide one off blogs and PR, or include them as part of your monthly campaign.

                                    Ad Management                                                                                                          Set up

                                    Your potential customers will be targeted by fully optimised and managed                                               We will set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

                                    ad campaigns, with any message you want to spread.                                                                     Included in set up is a branded cover photo and full optimisation of your new
                                                                                                                                                           accounts for SEO.

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